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Rental Terms & Conditions

General Information

1. Petrol stations are open Monday to Friday until 18.00hrs. Saturday until 13.00hrs. Sundays and public Holidays they are closed all day. Automatic self-service machines are available in most petrol stations.

2. Speed limit in Malta is 50Kms in towns and 80Kms in the open road, unless otherwise marked. Beware of speed cameras.

3. Driving in Malta is on the left-hand side.

4. When involved in any accident please call the Warden Traffic Accident Service on +356 2132 0202 and do not move the motorcycle from the place of the accident.

5. The Hirer is responsible to pay for any parking tickets, speed fines and other traffic violations whist the motorbike is in their possession. These can be paid at any Local Council office. If the fines are not paid before clients departure, a further €25.00 will be incurred. When parking in a times parking zone, please display clock provided.

6. Flat or split tires are the responsibility of the Customer. In the case of a flat tire, take it to the nearest petrol station or tire repair centre for puncture repair.

7. Petrol left in the motorcycle is not refundable.

8. If your motorcycle breaks down, find the sticker with the necessary details for the break down service.

9. Upon delivery of your motorcycle please check for any damages and advice your Alan Motors Rentals representative before driving the motorcycle.

10. If your motorcycle breaks down please call the Middlesea Assist 2248 0200.

Terms & Conditions

The motorcycle, the subject of this agreement, is being hired under the following terms and conditions which both the Hirer and the Customer declare to have read over, approved and accepted.

1. The motorcycle is in good mechanical condition and state of repair and must be returned in the same state and condition, wear and tear expected, on the termination of hire.

2. The customer must inform the Hirer of any loss of damage to, or fault in the motorcycle. Use of the motorcycle when damaged or faults shall be Customer’s risk.

3. The Customer will be liable for an excess in respect of any event giving rise to claim. This amount may be waived at an additional cost. If the motorcycle is used or driven in violation of terms of either this agreement or insurance policy, the Customer shall be responsible for the payment of all damages. In case of claims there is an administration fee of €60.00 + VAT over any excess.

4. In the event of an accident, the Customer must leave the motorcycle in the exact position that it has come to rest. The accident must be reported to the Traffic Wardens on Telephone number: +356 2132 1202 and to Alan Motors Rentals.

5. If the Customer does not purchase the “Collision and or Theft” No Excess Option, the excess will be assessed against the credit card as “Pre-Authorisation”. These funds will no longer be available for your immediate use and may take up to 14 days, depending on your bank, to become available. We will not be responsible for any insufficient fund charges or bank fees related to this process. If there are insufficient funds, we reserve the right to charge you the additional charge of €60.

6. Punctures and split tires are responsible of the Customer thus damages or new tires if needed are at the Customer’s expense.

7. The insurance cover is void if the Client/Customer is under the effect of alcohol, drugs or in case of gross negligence.

8. The Hirer shall not be liable for any loss of, or damage to any property left, stored or transported on the motorcycle by the Customer, his-assigns and passengers. The Customer hereby assumes all risks and waives all claims against the Hire / Alan Motors Rentals.

9. The Customer declares that he has examined the terms and conditions even ones explained to him by our representatives.

10. The Hirer does not accept responsibility for delays in consequence of breakdown.

11. The Customer will pay in advance and on demand the charges set out overleaf or on the rental agreement.

12. The Hirer may at any time repossess himself of the motorbike without giving notice to the Customer provided there is a justified cause. The Hirer’s rights under the agreement may only be waived in virtue of written document duly signed by the Hirer or his accredited representative.

13. Clients are responsible for damages made to the motorcycle in case of break – in due to personal belongings left in the car.

14. If the Client locks the key inside the car / bike, a fee of €25 + VAT will apply to re-open the car / bike. In case of a flat battery due to negligence (ex. Lights being left on etc.) a fee of €25 + VAT applies to restart the car / bike.

15. Unpaid contraventions and congestion fees after 3 days of issue, incur and administrative fee of €25 + VAT apply.

16. At the end of the rental, motorbike should be parked correctly, not in any Time Zone Area or Restricted Parking in case that case that motorcycle is to be collected by Hirer.

17. The Company shall process the Personal Data found herein according to the Data Protection Act and according to the principles, ethics and guidelines of Creditinfo Malta / MACM which the company is a subscriber. In case of any default by the Clients in fulfilment of the above terms, the company has the right to pass on any information to Creditinfo Malta Ltd for registration in its Defaulting Debtors Database.

18. If the motorcycle is returned extremely dirty, especially with the bird droppings or beach sand, a fee of €25 + VAT for valeting will be charged.

19. At the end of rental, the Client should take pictures of the parked motorcycle as proof the motorcycle was not returned with new damages.

20. The Client is responsible for all costs of repairs in case of wrong fuel used, lost or broken keys, damage to the motorcycle.

21. If Client requests motorcycle to be delivered a fee of €25 + VAT is charged.

22. The “Terms and Conditions” which the customer agreed to when the effecting the booking apply together with these “Terms and Conditions”.